Lindy Cake 2018

Lindy Cake goes forth.

The fourth edition of the Lindy Cake is on the way, with four days of parties, music, silly events and wonderful friendships.
Right in the heart of Europe's secret capital of sweet Lindy Hop heaven and snuggled comfortably along the painted toenails of the Black Forest, Freiburg awaits to fulfill all your dancing and sweet-toothed pleasures!


Four nights of parties.
Five bands including the wacky Natty Congeroo and the Flames of Rhythm (UK), Palace Avenue Swing with the talented Cherise (UK) , Rhythm Sketches (FR), the Sheiks (CH) the The Red House Hot Six (D).
A large helping of quirky activitiesi including: a secret places tour of the city with performances in places you'd never expect.
Head into the wilds of the Black Forest and try your hand at hide and seek
A tasy vegetarian brunch
A bucket-load of fun.
And phenomenal quantities of cake...
What more could you possibly ask four?

Sign up on the 7th of the 7th at 7pm

Your Lindy Cake Team.


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