Lindy Cake 2017

Lindy Cake part three is here.

Freiburg beckons with cobblestones and cakes, bikes and bounce, romance and rhythm, all in the name of the tasty treat that is the Lindy Cake. Four days of parties, three nights of bands including the Shirt Tail Stompers, a bike tour, a baking afternoon, a cabaret, a smile on your face and a tap in your shoes…
… oh, and lots and lots of cake!

This year with...

-4 nights of parties plus a teatime hop
- 3 days of live bands and activities
- 2 smashing evenings with the Shirt Tail Stompers
- A mini musicality workshop with the band
- a cabaret on Sunday
- a bike tour through the vineyards
- and a large helping of creativity

Be there or be a cookie.


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Your Lindy Cake Team.

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