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The location in which all the other locations reside, Freiburg is waiting for you on the foothills of the Black Forest. A lively city full of cobblestone streets and meandering streams, it sits in one of the sunniest spots in Germany with plenty of ice-cream parlours and cafés to rest your weary feet. Also known as one of Germany's Greenest cities, you will be greeted by swarms of bicycles and an efficient public transport system. Many of the locations aren't far from the city centre, so put on your walking shoes and brush up on your cycling skills!

Steaming thru the forest

Thursday 12.50am

Meeting point 12.30 track 7 Main train station, Freiburg

We invite you to take a steam train tour through the very heart of the Black Forest. An ancient locomotive will pull you past three mountain lakes with plenty of opportunity to dance and – if the weather permits – bathe within this fairytale landscape. At a height of a close to a thousand metres, our vintage train tour will show you the black forest from an entirely new perspective and bring you directly to the foot of the area’s largest hillside lake. PLease note: we will take a regional train from Freiburg to Titisee (in Titisee we will change onto the steam train). Be there early enough !

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Thursday 9pm

Corazon: Hinterkirchstr. 21, 79108 Freiburg

In Freiburg's north end, not far from the old freight train station, sits Corazon. Unashamedly eighties in its structure, the place has a spacious dance floor and a comfortable terrace in case it gets too hot.

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Tacky Table Tennis Tournament

Friday 2pm

Meeting point: @Fountain

Scattered across Freiburg are a series of table tennis tables to tempt you into time-wasting. You’ll find them in the most secluded corners and the most visited parks. In fact, table tennis is such a national summer pastime, that you’ll see many a concentrated face in flip-flops and neon shorts battling it out throughout the city. But what else can a table tennis table be? A dance-floor, a story, maybe even a trendy bar? Let your imagination wander with ours in the world’s foremost Tacky Table Tennis tournament!

Note: To take part you will need a bike! Ask your host or rent a bike here:


frelo (also available via the Nextbike app)

Donkey Republic

Dancing with the canons

Friday 4.30pm

Come early evening, we’ll open a dance on the Kanonenplatz, the ancient landing above the city that once housed the castle ramparts. With a view to the black forest the one way and the Vosgues in France the other, you’ll have one of the best dance-floor views of the city (be aware, though, that we’ll dance on gravel, so don’t take you best dance shoes with you!)

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The Cakes

Saturday at noon

Almost everyone has a tasty cake recipe up their sleeve, be it wobbly cheese cakes or savoury rhubarb crumble. Some are artistic, some are chaotic, some a sheer explosion of tastes and shapes, whatever you feel like, however experimental you are, we encourage you to come and make it with us. Whatever you have to offer will be served to you tonight at the concert. The baking will happen in various local kitchens, so you get an insiders take on just how the Freiburger's make their fingers creamy. Sign up in advance so that we can organise the kitchens. Please consult our Baking FAQs for further details!

Jumping at the lakeside

Saturday 4pm

In between all the sweet cake moments, we need a salty, cheesy, veggie picnic! We will eat, dance and chill at Freiburg's beautiful Seepark. Bring your own dishes and bring something tasty for our buffet!
Bring and share. To coordinate the buffet a bit, please indicate what you will bring (you can also add more suggestions):

Buffet list

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StuSie Bar

Friday Night & Saturday Night at 9pm

Sundgauallee 36, 79110 Freiburg

Our Friday and Saturday location, a few metres from a tram stop, over-looking a lake, cuddled into the corner of a park and only ten bike minutes from the city centre, welcome to the StuSie Bar! We have spacious rooms to hang out in, a flea market on the Friday, a veranda with a view worth dancing until dawn for, and decorations that will make you think you've landed in the finest bakery. Freiburg has major lack of large locations to dance in, and, although the floor isn't parquet, it's very smooth and we think it will keep you happy until the small hours!

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Die Kantina

Sunday 1.30pm

Die Kantina, Kantinenstr. 12, 79106 Freiburg

In the early 1900s, what has now become Die Kantina, was a freight train station. Today, although much of the industry has left the area, the venue stills sits close to the locomotives as they hurtle past. With an ample outdoor area to sunbath and enjoy your brunch, inside and outside you can dance to your heart's content.

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Sunday 8pm

ArTik, Haslacherstr. 42, 79115 Freiburg

Alongside the industrial highlight of the local milk factory and tickled by the route 31, this location is a down and dirty location with lots on offer: two rooms, one for blues one for lindy, as well as bar and sofas to lounge in. Artik will kiss you sweetly goodbye

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