Swing Band Workshop @ Lindy Cake

with Steven Coombe and the Shirt Tail Stompers (UK)

What's it all about?
Every major European city now has a Lindy Hop scene; from Paris to St. Petersburg, Lisbon to Athens, dancers are getting together and jamming out to music that swings. It’s a trend that has gone global, with locations in Kathmandu and Johannesburg, Denver to Tokyo inviting swing to the dance floor. Yet, despite the wide appeal, there are still only a few great bands out there who perform internationally – the Shirt Tail Stompers are one of those bands.

But what are the secrets of playing for Lindy Hoppers? How do the successful bands create that special energy that rockets the rhythm straight into stomach and down into the feet? This fun and interactive workshop will explore how to build sets, play for competitions and jams as well as how to create a dialogue with dancers and promoters. Get immediate feedback and tips on your bands performance, play together with members of the Shirt Tail Stompers to feel the difference, and listen to – and learn from – the other participating bands.

Day 1: Workshop for instrumentalists
Saturday, 5th of October

Explore and develop your jazz improvisation skills with other keen musicians in a concentrated one day workshop.
Learn to play in the swing style and work on timing, feel and form with experienced Jazz musicians. Open to anyone who can read notated music and follow basic chord charts.

This interactive 3 hour workshop features focus on group-learning and performance-style.
Price: 50 Euro per person

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Day 2: Band workshop - for already established swing or trad jazz bands...
Sunday, 6th of October
2-5 pm

This workshop addresses both amateur bands who just desire to jam for their local scene, as well as professional bands who plan to take on Europe’s Lindy dance floors. Each band will have an intensive session in which they work on their respective levels of performance, listen to the other bands playing, and get valuable information from the experienced band leader of the Shirt Tails, Steven Coombe. And to top it all off, there is even the possibility to try out what you’ve learned in the Sunday night party of the Lindy Cake, so not just the band can give you feedback, but you can feel that feedback coming back at you from an amazing group of international dancers.

Price: 150 Euro per band (up to 4 players) – 180 Euro (5 or more players)

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Steven Coombe
International band leader and Trumpet player Steven Coombe is based in London, UK. Since starting swing dancing in 2009, he has spent countless hours working out the kind of music that makes people want to dance and keep dancing all night. Steve has led bands all over the world playing for Lindy Hop festivals and competition weekends. He also runs the European Swing All Star Big Band and is in demand as a DJ and emcee.