Lindy Cake

29th of September to the 2nd of October, 2022
The Freiburg Lindy Hop Exchange cuddled up nice and cosy on the toenails of the Black Forest.


Is a dance, is a feeling, is a community. Is something you won't regret starting and you'll never want to stop. And it's what we love to do in the small city of Freiburg, where the streams giggle through the cobblestones streets and the sun smiles across the rooftops.



Is what we like to eat. And what we like to bake, and bake and bake. Because why create an event with only one of the things you love, when you can create it with two? The Lindy Cake is a Lindy Hop Exchange that has set itself the goal of filling your hearts, feet and stomachs with as much joy as we can pack in there.



So now you know a thing or two about the Lindy Cake. Apart from the bit about having fun - lots of it - in a creative and exciting event jammed with funky people. So why not join us this year for a whole lot sweet dancing fun?


Lindy Cake VI

Dear Mesdames et Messieurs

May we have the pleasure of introducing the right honourable Lindy Cake the sixth.

A royal flush of an event set firmly in the Cakedom of Freiburg. We wish to invite you to the sixth edition of our wonderfully quirky and joyful lindy exchange. It promises - yes, indeed - to be an event to remember. Therefore, if you so desire, shod yourself in your best golden slippers and come and enjoy:

* 4 nights of parties plus pre- and after party!
* 4 concerts featuring the unstoppable court jesters: Reverent Juke, Cool Cat Combo and The Swingtones.
* A castle invasion (that's right, a castle invasion)
* A Sunday brunch to gorge yourself with
* And (as always) a royal amount of cake baked together with you in our kitchens!
We ask ourselves, what are you waiting for?

As Marie Antoinette never said: Let them dance - let them eat cake!

Passes and Prices

You can choose between the following passes

* Full Pass - 110 €
* Friday or Sunday Pass - 28 €
* Saturday Pass - 35 €

Full Pass holders can also sign up for the cozy Sunday Brunch for an additional 18 €

You can also order the official Lindy Cake baking book during sign up!



We are awaiting your registration from the 7th of the 7th at 7pm (CET) onwards.

Be there or be a royal cookie...

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