Lindy Cake

3rd of October to the 6th of October 2024, in Freiburg, Germany

Dancing, creativity and, yep, lots and lots of cake.

The Golden Ticket

Congratulations, you have found the Golden Ticket: your chance to enjoy four days full of dancing, madness, creativity and fun. It's a ticket to a Lindy Cake featuring Gordon Webster, the Hop'sh Bam Connection and The Hot Swing Sextet. But it's more than that, it's an adventure into...


The Chocolate Factory event inspired by the wacky tales of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Come prepared for sweets, weirdness and plenty of good old fashioned song and dance! Chocolate bars, a top hat, a silver lift. What more could you possibly ask for?


Sign up on time

Full pass registration is closed, but we will give out a limited number of evening party passes later, about 3 weeks before the event.


Lindy Cake 2024

Don't know our bands yet? Check them out below:

Be there or be a cookie from
03.10. - 06.10.2024.


Preliminary Schedule

Wednesday 2nd Oct.:

🌃 9pm - 2am @La Corona 🌃
Milk Chocolate Pre-Pre-Party

Thursday 3rd Oct:

🌞 3pm - 7pm @Stadtgarten 🌞
Chocolate Coated Marshmallow Welcome Picnic - Time to meet new & old people, eat, play and dance.
🌃 8pm - Open End @StuSie 🌃
Semi Sweet Chocolate Pre-Party - with Hot Swing Sextet.

Friday 4th Oct:

🌞 2:30pm - 5pm @All over town 🌞
Skill-Sharing: Show me your Chocolate Side - See and learn what amazing things the others can do or maybe even teach others.
🌃 8pm - Open End @StuSie 🌃
Hot Chocolate Party - Party with Hot Swing Sextet and The Hop'sh Bam Connection!

Saturday 5th Oct:

🌞 @All over town 🌞
Turn on the machine - Cake Baking afternoon. Visit local Lindy dancers in Freiburg and make some cake for our sunday brunch.
🌃 8pm - Open End @StuSie 🌃
Triple Chocolate Chip Cookie Party - Party with Gordon Webster and The Hop'sh Bam Connection!

Sunday 6th Oct:

🌞 3pm - 5:30pm @Sternwaldwiese 🌞
Sitting under the Chocolate Trees - Cake-Brunch with all the beautiful cakes you baked.
🌃 8pm - Open End @StuSie 🌃
Bittersweet Chocolate Goodbye Party - Farewell Party with Gordon Webster.

We will give out a limited number of evening party passes later, about 3 weeks before the event.

“We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.”
-Roald Dahl, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, 1964

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